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     An Explanatory Commentary on Each Chapter

    of Maimonides' Guide of The Perplexed

                                       By:  Scott Michael Alexander





(Caution, there may be some differences between chapter contents found in this pdf, and the individual pdf's of chapter essays below. However this site needed a good way to search the entire volume.  There is an actual index at the end of this pdf, but I strongly caution against using it in its present shape.  Its a huge document so it may take a minute to load. I suggest you find your term in this pdf, figure out what chapter it is in, and then go to the pdf of that chapter in the table of contents below. The search box at the top of this page does not have the power to search in the pdf, but only on the html website materials).    New!

Title Page




Relevant Chronology


Commentator's Preface




Introduction I: Maimonides’ Introduction To The Guide Of The Perplexed - The Well, The Pearl And The Golden Apple

                      Appendix A: Rabbi Abravanel’s Commentary on pages 7a through 8a of Maimonides’ Introduction to the

                                            Ibn Tibbon translation of The Guide of the Perplexed.

                      Appendix B: The Golden Apple: Grammatic and Etymological issues: Language as Camouflage for Dangerous                                                          Content.

Introduction II: Maimonides’ Introduction To The Guide Of The Perplexed – Contradictions




Guide 1:1 Open The Gates


Guide 1:2 Garden Of Truth


Guide 1:3 Form And Shape


Guide 1:4 Seeing


Guide 1:5 More Warnings


Guide 1:6 Woman


Guide 1:7 Progeny or Demons?


Guide 1.8 Blessed Is The Lord From His Place


Guide 1:9 Thrones


Guide 1:10 Ascent and Descent


Guide 1:11 Enthroned


Guide 1:12 Rise


Guide 1:13 Stand


Guide 1:14 Man


Guide 1:15 The Prophet Stands


Guide 1:16 Rock


Guide 1:17 Philosophical Parables?


Guide 1:18 Encounter


Guide 1:19 Fulfillment


Guide 1:20 Elevation


Guide 1:21 Crossing


Guide 1:22 Descent


Guide 1:23 Hide and Seek


Guide 1:24 Walking


Guide 1:25 Indwelling


Guide 1:26 The Torah Speaks in the Language of Men


Guide 1:27 Prophetic Dreams


Guide 1:28 Foot


Guide 1:29 Withdrawal


Guide 1:30 Consume


Guide 1:31 Limits of the Corporealized Intellect


Guide 1:32 Transcending the Limits of Corporealized Intellect


Guide 1:33 Beginnings


Guide 1:34 Teaching Divine Science


Guide 1:35 Dogma


Guide 1:36 Heresy


Guide 1:37 Face to Face


Guide 1:38 Receptivity


Guide 1:39 Heart


Guide 1:40 Spirit


Guide 1:41 Soul


Guide 1:42 Life and Death


Guide 1:43 Angel Wings/Concealment


Guide 1:44 A Vision of Providence


Guide 1:45 Sh’ma


Guide 1:46 Bold Description


Guide 1:47 & 48 How to Rewrite the Torah


Guide 1:49 Angels, Providence, and The Eternal Feminine


Guide 1:50 True Faith?


Guide 1:51 Self-Evident Truths


Guide 1:52 Maimonides’ “Affirmative Attributes”: A New Ordering


Guide 1:53 Does God Create Himself?


Guide 1:54 The Theological-Political Problem


Guide 1:55 Four Physical Things We Cannot Predicate of God


Guide 1:56 A Meditation On Similarity


Guide 1:57 About Attributes But Deeper


Guide 1:58 Stuttering


Guide 1:59 Silence


Guide 1:60 Negation Abusers


Guide 1:61 Tetragrammaton


Guide 1:62 The Name Of The Rose


Guide 1:63 Mosaic Prophecy and Maimonidean Esotericism


Guide 1:64 Essence And Emanation


Guide 1:65 The Word Of God


Guide 1:66 What Is The Miracle Of Torah?


Guide 1:67 And He Rested


Guide 1:68 God’s Mind and Man’s Mind


Guide 1:69 Life Of The Worlds Newly Revised!


Guide 1:70 Aravot


Guide 1:71 Introduction To The Kalām (Islamic Theology)


Guide 1:72 Cosmos and Microcosmos


Guide 1:73 The Twelve Propositions of Kalām Theology


Guide 1:74 The Seven Kalām Arguments for Creation Ex Nihilo


Guide 1:75 The Five Kalām Arguments for The Unity Of God


Guide 1:76 The Three Kalām Arguments Against Divine Corporeality (and Transition to Volume Two)


VOLUME TWO (In Progress)


MAIMONIDES' INTRODUCTION TO VOLUME II - The Twenty-Six Propositions of Aristotelian Science

Guide 2:1 The Philosophic Proofs for the Existence, Unity, and Incorporeality of God


Guide 2:2 Creation and Volition

Guide 2:3 The Other Aristotle Problem

Guide 2:4 The Aristotelians’ Theory of the Separate Intellects and the Souls of the Spheres

Guide 2:5 The Language of the Spheres in Jewish Tradition

Guide 2:6 Maimonides' Dynamic Angelology

Guide 2:7 The Moral Consciousness of Angels and of Men  New!

Guide 2:8 Maimonides Rejects the Music of the Spheres  New!

Guide 2:9 Maimonides' Four Heavens  New!

Guide VOLUME THREE (To Be Written)


INDEX (To Be Prepared)


Copyright © 2023, Scott Michael Alexander, No Copying or Use Permitted Without Express Written Permission of the Author.

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