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     An Explanatory Commentary on Each Chapter

    of Maimonides' Guide of The Perplexed

                                       By:  Scott Michael Alexander


I have recently prepared podcasts to briefly introduce readers to the main issues in my explanatory essays.  Maimonides' writing may look straightforward, but don't be fooled.  It is easy to miss the many levels, exoteric as well as esoteric, of his texts.  This complexity is even more pronounced in the Guide of the Perplexed than it is in Mishneh Torah or his other well-known writings.  


My essays are designed to explain what is going on in each of these chapters. But I cannot remove all the complexity.  So I designed these podcasts to gently introduce readers to the main issues before they take the plunge.  They are each about 25 minutes in length.  My latest is a video podcast on YouTube, a first for me, but I hope to use that medium more in future. Enjoy!  

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PODCAST Introducing Guide 1:73

PODCAST Introducing Guide 1:74

PODCAST Introducing Guide 1:75

VIDEO: Introducing Guide 1:76

VIDEO: Why Did Maimonides Reject the Existence of an Actual Infinite? (12 min.)

VIDEO: Why Did Maimonides Reject Atomism? (10 min.)

VIDEO: What Drove Maimonides to the Study of Aristotelian Philosophy (14 min.) New!

VIDEO: Did Maimonides Conceal A Secret Doctrine In His Guide Of The Perplexed? New!

(13 min.) 

VIDEO: Why is Prophecy Central to Maimonides’ Guide of the Perplexed? New!

(13 min.) 

NEW VIDEO SERIES: An Eight Video Course Explaining 

Why Did Maimonides Write His Twenty-six Propositions of Aristotelian Philosophy?

     VIDEO 1. Introduction and General Explanation of the Twenty-six Propositions

     VIDEO 2. The Infinity Propositions, Props. I-III

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