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     An Explanatory Commentary on Each Chapter

    of Maimonides' Guide of The Perplexed

                                       By:  Scott Michael Alexander

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Here is the Guide of the Perplexed, Friedländer translation, scanned as three separate volumes, the way it originally came out in 1885, with original footnotes.  This, in my opinion, is the best of the English translations. The scan is from Google Books. Google Books is challenging to use but can be made to work. These are very rare volumes. I own one undated from around 1900, with all three sections in one volume, but pagination restarts at each volume, an obvious paste job.  The important and scholarly footnotes by Rabbi Michael Friedländer (April 29, 1833 – December 10, 1910) were sadly deleted in all subsequent editions.  Here is a click to his Wikipedia entry.  Here are clicks to the Google scans: 
Volume One
Volume Two
Volume Three
Guide of the Perplexed, Friedländer Translation without notes
Guide of the Perplexed, Pines Translation New
Guide of the Perplexed, Morei Nevukhim, Hebrew Translation by R. Yosef Kafiḥ
Guide of the Perplexed, Dalalat Ha-irin, Judeo-Arabic original, Munk/Joel edition
Guide of the Perplexed, Dalalat Ha-irin, Arabic script
Mishneh Torah - Hebrew
Sefer Ha-Madda - from Mishneh Torah - Hebrew, and many other useful links
The Eight chapters of Maimonides on Ethics (Shemonah perakim)
Maimonides' Responsa (Shailot v'Teshuvot)
Maimonides' Book of Logic (Sefer ha-Higayon), Eng. Trans. Israel Efros
Maimonides Group @ Yahoo Groups
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Maimonides Heritage  Center Useful  Links
Maimonides' 13 Foundations of Judaism
Spertus College of Judaica Library (Site for many volumes discussed in my chapter essays, text and online)
Hebrew University Library
Seforim Online
Herbert Davidson, Proofs for Eternity, Creation and the Existence of God in Medieval Islamic and Jewish Philosophy, 1987 Oxford. PDF from ZLibrary  New
David Novak (Maimonides authority) links to various works on Wikipedia
Lenn Goodman (Maimonides authority) books, publications, lectures
Charles H. Manekin: “Scepticism and Anti-Scepticism: The Case of Maimonides,” New
Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb Youtube video lecture on chapters 1:1 & 1:2 of the Guide  New
Rabbi Dr. Jose Faur documents:
Rabbi Dr. Jose Faur article: "Anti-Maimonidean Demons." New!
(I include this article advisedly.  Yes, it is biased and provocative. Hakham Faur only presents a single point of view about the 13th Century "Maimonidean Controversy" and attacks many well known figures from that period.  Nonetheless, it is a point of view we never get to hear, and it is very well documented. For those reasons I link to it here.)
Memorial to Rabbi Dr. Jose Faur New!
My brief note on the passing of Rabbi Dr. Jose Faur New!
Dr. Harry Austryn Wolfson documents:
Harry Austryn Wolfson on Wikipedia
Crescas' Critique of Aristotle, by Harry Wolfson, full text PDF New!
Philo, by Harry Wolfson, full text PDF New!
Dr. Isidore Twerski's Obituary for Dr. Harry Austryn Wolfson  New!
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